A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 19: The Deleted Imperial Files


The Deleted Imperial Files
Tumblr Gallery

I didn’t realize that the imperial characters whose deletion I requested were either ones I never got around to write, or one who started already dead, thus appearing in dreams or flash backs. I don’t really know how it happened to be the case, but it made me pause for a moment. These deleted imperial characters are Catalina Braska, Natalia Hemeray and Syrene Verdelet.

I was surprised to even remember Natalia Hemeray because I never wrote a single in character post with her. I don’t even know which background I had given her. I knew that she was going to be Imperial Intelligence and that I used actress Julia Roberts for her – mostly because I found avatar and signature still present in my folder. I also recalled that I toyed with making her Chiss as I once made a manip of Roberts turned into a Chiss. One way or the other, I deleted her before I even wrote her. I don’t remember the details but I obviously had no real elements to make her an actual character.


Catalina was a character I never wrote either. A friend of mine came to me to ask whether I would be interested in writing her Jedi Master’s mother. The idea sounded neat and something I didn’t do before so I accepted. I had details about her background thanks to my friend, and I first was quite looking forward to develop her as an actual character, whose image claim was Judi Dench. Yet, I eventually gave up on her before even writing her. I didn’t connect to the character and the muse for her, no matter how I wanted said muse to be alive, was just not there. I felt bad for my decision not to write her, but was grateful for my friend’s understanding.


Syrene was also created in relation to another writer’s character(s). She was the imperial intelligence director’s deceased mother, and her husband was still alive. Syrene was a Corellian double agent during the previous galactic war, as she had come not to trust in the Empire anymore and thus decided to support the Rebellion. She eventually died during one of the conflict, shortly after giving birth to her daughter. I remember using Alyssa Milano for her, though towards the end I toyed with a couple possible other claims. While I was excited about her at first and enjoyed the flash back and “dream” threads I had with her, writing a dead character wasn’t so easy. The concept was great and I had a solid background for her, but she eventually got deleted, to make room for new characters.

  • Do some of your character ideas are so vague and fickle that they end being of no use at all?
  • How do you adjust in collaborative writing when you have to switch plans because of another writer?
  • Do you write ghost characters?

2 thoughts on “A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 19: The Deleted Imperial Files

  1. hannahgivens

    Oh gosh, I remember finding some old character signatures a while back and not remembering EVER creating those characters. lol.

    I churn through a lot of ideas to get to usable characters sometimes, but I’d never be able to remember them.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Natalia Hemeray is the only character I know I created but can’t remember what she was about, save for affiliation and branch. It annoyed me, though in the end I have so many imperial intelligence workers that I have enough to keep busy! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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