My Q&A at Lit World Interviews

My Q&A at Lit World Interviews was posted yesterday (and I also included it on my Appearances page) and I am very pleased with this experience. I’d like to thank Ronovan for approaching me for this and am honored to be featured on this blog. This interview allowed me to reflect on my writing experience and my upcoming projects. Ronovan’s questions were compelling to answer and he is a joy to work with. If you don’t already follow him, you definitely should!

Photo Credit: Galymzhan Abdugalimov.

Photo Credit: Galymzhan Abdugalimov.

2 thoughts on “My Q&A at Lit World Interviews

  1. Ronovan

    For those reading this, don’t believe Natacha. She was the whole reason the experience was a joy. Learning more about her was an amazing time and I am still blown away by all that she is.
    Much Respect



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