A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 16: Lorna Frayus


Lorna Frayus, New Republic
SWRPG Wiki Page | Tumblr Gallery

Lorna is one of the characters who was created in 2014. I had been thinking about using Zoie Palmer since I saw her in Lost Girl as Lauren Lewis. It is amusing that by now, I use five actors from the main cast of this show. It wasn’t even done on purpose as it just happened that these actors worked well for the characters I had in mind. I had been toying with a character for the political branch of the New Republic but I didn’t feel like going for a “straightforward” politician and wanted to find an approach different from the different imperial political characters I had. When characters join similar branches, finding new angles is important to keep things fresh, even when the factions they belong to (including mindsets and values) are on opposite sides.

I never wrote a doctor before, so I thought that I would give it a go – which is another reason why Zoie Palmer worked well for some of the pictures. Since Lorna is a pacifist, she didn’t want to become a military doctor and thus joined the political and civilian branch of the New Republic. I admit that I don’t get into detailed medical writing as I fear that even with research I might make a fool of myself, but I still try to push myself a bit more with the character’s profession. As always, I enjoyed giving her a specific background and building it before writing her. I also don’t know whether it is because I am turning 30 at the end of 2014, but I like writing characters more in their thirties than in their twenties or especially late teenage years now, though my characters’ age spans from six to seventy year old.


I had always had great fondness for the planet Alderaan in Star Wars, and given the time frame in which the stories at SWRPG take place, and with Lorna’s age, it was possible to have her of Alderaan noble lineage. The reason why she survived was because she was off world, on Coruscant when the planet was destroyed, when a teenager. It also prompted her to go into xenobiology during the civil war at that time and do what she could to help all and not just humans. She is half Lorrdian by her mother, but mostly feels Alderaanian and is mostly estranged from her mother – who had also survived because she was off world at the time of destruction – and her step father and half siblings. Even close to twenty years after the loss of her home world, Lorna still deals with survivor’s guilt at times, which has also prompted her to do humanitarian work on several occasions.

For years, Lorna had her eyes on a psychologist she met on a few occasions during conferences, but she never dared approach her more than in passing. Eventually, fate had the other woman take the first step so they could realize that they had shared a mutual attraction for years. When they finally gave in, they realized how much of a great match they were and soon got married. Their life together isn’t exempt from hardships and adjustments, but the loyalty and love they have for each other help them make it through and grow even closer.

Something I do with Lorna that I didn’t really included in my character development before is the presence of her two pets. When I started writing her, she already had two Jax, one female and one male. The species being quite intelligent, I went for a rather cat like approach in how I depicted them. It gives an extra layer to the character’s personal life. The only character of mine who owns an animal is my Sith Master Baska Tankreyd, who has a female mountain wolf, but the situation isn’t the same because a wolf and a Jax are very different types of creatures, so it has been new territories for me with Lorna’s pets.

  • Did you ever write a character who dealt with survivor’s guilt?
  • Do some of your characters have interest in humanitarian work?
  • Do your characters own a pet or more? Which kind(s)?

4 thoughts on “A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 16: Lorna Frayus

  1. hannahgivens

    Survivor guilt — all the time.

    Humanitarian work — often.

    Pets — sometimes, more likely with RP chars. RPing a pet is fun and makes for funny situations, trying to include one in a novel is an enormous pain!


      1. hannahgivens

        Catching up on everybody’s blogs now that I’m free of the research paper! 🙂

        The trouble for me comes in when I’m trying to keep track of a pet throughout a story. I also refuse to harm pets, so keeping the pet safe while my characters are traipsing around the universe is difficult, and they usually just don’t have pets at all. It’s a lot more fun in RP, where keeping track of the pet is part of the entertainment, and there’s no story flow to be broken up by extended snuggle sessions. 😉


        1. Natacha Guyot Post author

          That’s great! Both for the research paper and catching up! I can be slow at catching up at times, between vacation (until Monday evening) and then other projects!

          I don’t think I ever had a pet in original fiction, save for a supporting character who had one (besides her two young kids) in my first novel. I hope to re-include one at some point.

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