Feminist Friday 2014 Finale: All Good Things . . .

I am so glad for having been able to take part to these Feminist Friday discussions, both as commenter and host. I am happy to see all that happened over the past months and am looking forward to what 2015 will bring!

Part Time Monster

These Feminist Friday discussions are the coolest thing I have ever done on the Internet. We’ve written 23 posts on 8 blogs. I’ve lost count of the responses we’ve prompted. Some of these discussions ended up with comment threads of 50 or more. At least a couple of threads ended with more than 100. We’ve had discussions that started on Friday and didn’t end until Tuesday. Sabina’s post questioning the value of the Bechdel Test post was Freshly Pressed. Not bad at all for a project that started with three bloggers talking on a discussion thread at blog that was barely a month old. Rather than try and prompt a focused discussion this week, I’ll talk about what the success of this enterprise has meant to me and where I hope it goes from here.

Even though I am stepping away from the organized discussions for a while, I’m not…

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