A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 14: Anne Icarus


Anne Icarus, The New Republic
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When I first created Anne Icarus (née Brocar’do), she was meant to die in her very first thread. The idea was to have her join the Sith but get into so much trouble that she would be killed in her recruitment thread. Safe to say that this plan never happened, and I am very happy that it never did, because Anne became a much more interesting character than the defiant brat I imagined as Sith cannon fodder. The good thing was that even as I changed her direction, I could still keep the background I had created for her, because even for a character who was supposedly going to die in her first thread, I still needed to have her history in mind to be able to make sense of the events.

Anne was born on Coruscant and raised in an imperial orphanage on Bastion. She never knew her biological parents but was told that her father was killed in action, when serving in the military while her mother was a Fallanassi who had become insane and had been placed in an asylum but who died shortly after giving birth to her. Anne had a good life at the orphanage. A precocious and brilliant, albeit a tad wild, student, she joined the imperial military academy in her teenage years. Rumors were spread by her first intimate partner that she was a witch and in an environment that didn’t like Force users at all, it began to cause trouble to Anne and on a few occasions she became wilder and more violent, which earned her a few nights at the brig.

When the anti Force user legislation was set in the Empire, Anne had to fight for her life, because of the allegations made against her. She had to kill members of the team she was traveling with who had decided to have her judged and likely executed because they believed the rumors of her being some Force sensitive witch. She was able to desert imperial territory, no matter how much she had cherished her life there on many occasions. She stayed in hiding in the underworld for a few years, but missed her soldier’s life.


She eventually was sought out by a Republic spy for information and moved to the Republic capital world of Telos, where she began a new life, both on a personal and professional levels. She was accepted as a member of the Republic army, despite her imperial past and she did her best to prove herself and that her loyalty was now with the people who had welcome her. That was why she always gave her everything on the front line, even when it meant ending at the hospital on several occasions. Yet, her personal life went to hell because of her own doing, as her sense of duty had even drawn her to accept to marry an imperial man during a weird mission on Arkania, as to assure the liberation of a Republic diplomatic envoy. She felt as while she had done her duty, she had wronged her fiancé and broke up. She left for a Republic base on Dellalt, licking her wounds and staying on her own as much as possible, including dealing with the miscarriage that had happened the last time she had been wounded during a mission.

Throwing Anne through all her personal trouble was a very good way for me to get into her head like I never did before. Being able to take my time with getting her back to her feet on a personal level was important. I’m also grateful that she went through this because it allowed me to plot with a friend and finding Anne’s mate in what is the longest thread I ever wrote so far. I didn’t bet so much on Anne being able to believe in love again, or even accept to be vulnerable with someone; but she did and no matter how volatile things can be with her husband, they both do a lot of good to each other. Anne isn’t always easy to live with, but it gives me room to make her evolve and having some direction for her future, both personal and professional is a great surprise, given how I was so close to just delete the character a long time ago.

In terms of looks, Anne is one of the characters I had who went through a drastic changes. She was first created with Majandra Delfino as her image claim. Yet, all images were heavily edited because I pictured Anne with purple hair (due to possible Zeltron ascendancy) and vibrant green eyes. As much as I love Delfino, I realized after a while that she didn’t work so much for Anne anymore, especially after she became an active member of the Republic Army. I just didn’t know who I could switch to, until I realize that Rachel Nichols (as a brunette like she is in Continuum) was just perfect, so I made the switch and used her with her brown hair and blue eyes. I didn’t alter Anne’s personality, but the new look fit how I perceived my character much better and also helped me have greater muse for her. I also recently added Ashley Williams from the Mass Effect franchise as a secondary claim for her.

  • Do your characters ever suffer from bullying?
  • Do they ever have to do horrible things in order to survive? How do they live with the consequences?
  • When it is difficult for a character to find their purpose, do you have certain tips to go past this possible creative block?

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