Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Source: Wikipedia.

Source: Wikipedia.

Narratives which are heavily based on time loops and repetitions can easily bore me. So,  I was a bit worried about Edge of Tomorrow. The first thirty minutes didn’t make me very hopeful about the movie. I wasn’t enthused by the opening and the first repetitions made me think that it would be two long hours, despite Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and the great visuals.

Then, the story kicks off from the moment Rita tells Cage to come see her when he wakes up, after they meet on the beach, during the fight. I didn’t expect the story to take such an interesting turn. The preparation and the relationship evolving between Cage and Rita were compelling. I like that Rita was the first one to experience what Cage does and that she tells him to take her to their greatest enemy when he can, so she can destroy it. She is a veteran, a mentor, bad ass and no nonsense and I liked her a lot.

One strength of the narrative was that they didn’t give all the basic scenes of the loop in the first run. As the movie evolves when Rita and Cage work together, the editing and repetitions and changes are very well handled. I was impressed because this is a tricky plot exercise to keep things fresh in this kind of stories.

The alien explanation of the time loop was also engaging and different. The way it was revealed after the first quarter of the movie was important and made things more engaging. I like how they both showed and told about what happens in the story, in the repetitions. It was very well done and gave a good pace and added to character development.

Seeing Paris in a post apocalyptic setting was entertaining. Having grown up in Versailles and studied in Paris for years always makes me curious to see how movies use them.

The characters getting one last try to save the world was clever and added to the suspense! I can’t say enough how much I liked Rita as a female character. I am the first surprised of how much I loved this movie, once the story really kicks in! It’s worth sitting through the first 25-30 minutes!

5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow

    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      The only reason I didn’t give up during the first 25 minutes was that I wanted to sit it through as it’s part of my professional field. My father was as ready to give up as I was and then we stayed glued to the screen as soon as the action started! Worth suffering the opening! 🙂


  1. CompGeekDavid

    Great review! I think that they did a great job with the storytelling – by showing us that it was repeating, without constantly and completely repeating every last scene, or only repeating the same scenes. This movie was super under-rated, but I hope it has a long shelf-life as a cult classic on DVD.

    And yes, Rita is a badass. She’s amazing. She is in the source material, too!


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Thank you! This kind of “loop” narratives are tricky to make work and remain interesting and engaging. It was great how they did with it. Much agreed on how I hope that it has a long shelf-life as a cult classic on DVD!

      Happy to hear that Rita was in the source material too (though not so surprised!)

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