Movie Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Source: Wikipedia.

Source: Wikipedia.

I watch the Transformers movies for the following elements: the robots, the soundtrack, the special effects and the battles. So the fourth one, Transformers: Age of Extinction, didn’t disappoint. I rarely care about the human characters (though I found Wahlberg’s one, Cade Yeager, of the better in the franchise so far) and yes, I would be happy to see a lead female character, or just a female character who can kick ass and shows extensive brains. I think that so far Meghan Fox’s character, Mikaela Banes, in the first two movies, as well Cade’s daughter, Tessa, and Su Yueming in this fourth one, are the few ones who can get some things done at times and aren’t pure damsel in distress. They’re far from being very compelling characters, but they’re not as bad as the blonde in the third movie.

I always love Steve Jablonsky’s music but I missed a good Linkin Park song in the end credits. The visuals and fights were entertaining as in the previous ones. That made for a good ride, and it was all I asked of the movie.

Optimus Prime is my favorite character of the whole franchise and he was as great as before. Seeing him and the other Autobots reunite and fight together again. I also found the Dinobots very well crafted and it was nice to see something new after the Decepticons and the Autobots. I’m also curious to see who/what the Transformers’ creators are. I hope we see them in the next movie(s).

On a final note, the alien rifle, Cade finds aboard the space ship and uses during the rest of the movie, completely reminded me of D’Argo’s Luxan sword in Farscape.

4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction

  1. mbarkersimpson

    I love Optimus Prime too. I was so excited when he ‘drove in’ to the first movie, I was bounding up and down in my seat! I enjoyed Age of Extinction, and Mark is great. But I missed Josh Duhamel, I have to admit.



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