A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 12: The New Republic Deleted Files


The Deleted New Republic Files: Mandichka Bah’rann, Menalia Syrehk, Nina Klerisq
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Just as I had Force user characters who didn’t stick around, some non Force users, including New Republic characters ended deleted due to blatant lack of muse and direction. The three New Republic characters I created but didn’t keep are Mandichka Bah’rann, Menalia Syrehk and Nina Klerisq. Only Menalia entered official service in the faction, as a political intern, back when the Republic and Imperial groups were re-established in February 2009. Mandichka and Nina remained unofficially aligned with the Republic.

Out of the three characters, Mandichka is the one that lasted longer. When I created her in my early times at SWRPG, I pictured her as a possible future Jedi who might fall to the dark side. Yes, by now, you probably recognize a pattern of how I fail to have a Jedi fall to the dark side. She never became a Force user and I even let her possible Force sensitivity disappear from her background. The time I wrote her, I always kept the claim I created her with: Marilyn Monroe.


Mandichka was raised in an imperial orphanage on Dubrillion, but left when she was a teenager, wanting to find her place in the galaxy. She traveled to different places and eventually found love for a short time, with a scientist who also helped her with her recovery after an accident she was caught in, in which she lost both eyes. He helped her recover and adjust to the cybernetic implants but tragedy struck soon after, and Mandichka’s fiance got killed and she was on the run again. That eventually led her to Republic territory years after, where she had a couple long term relationships and worked in catering and leisure industries, doing well as a facility and talent manager in certain renowned establishments. The problem I encountered with her was that despite development, personal and professional, I felt the character somewhat stagnates and it made my muse dwindle over time, to the point that I ended deleting her. Yet, she was a great experience and one of my deleted characters that had the longest run before I gave up on them.


Menalia Syrehk was a hard working but rather shy young woman who had been into politics from a young age, even on her home world of Lianna, which had naturally led her to join the New Republic in her early twenties. I never really got a grasp on her personality. She was very much a wallflower in my head no matter what I was trying to do to give her something more to turn her into her own person. She felt blank and meek, even when I adjusted her story so that she would uncover her biological origins and find her birth father. She was one of my most frustrating characters, because a few times I kept believing that I could make something out of her, but even really liking her image claim, actress Jewel Staite, wasn’t enough to save the day, and certainly not the character.


As for Nina Klerisq, I had the concept for her because of binge watching The Closer a few years ago. I liked Kyra Sedgwick‘s character in it so much that she inspired me to make a character. Though I tried to be as far away from the inspiration as possible – as it is important that my characters are just that: “my” characters and not some rip off types, Nina didn’t go far in terms of development. She was an arrogant and talented musician and professor of music history and studies at Coruscant university, but I didn’t have much else about her. I never got to write her at SWRPG, because even the meager attempts to get her anywhere in plotting failed flat, due to how one dimensional the female character was.

  • Do your characters ever have chronic health issues and if so, do they have them since birth?
  • How much do your character’s origins affect their development?
  • Does collaboration / brainstorming with other writers help you overcome creative blocks?

6 thoughts on “A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom – Week 12: The New Republic Deleted Files

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  2. Chris Mac

    Well, Rel’Avauld, has had his flesh eating virus since birth, and in over forty years has not been able to develop a cure.

    Now, Derakai’s origins, heavily impact his storyline, since I have his lore come out even in my other characters, especially Rakai. He had not known what his life was like before twenty-three, nut had recently learned that as a youth and teen, he was a monstrous darkside user in a galaxy beyond the outerrim, who had committed several acts of genocide. Carrying that, he still sees himself as a Jedi, and perhaps he has not made up for his actions, but in his years as a Jedi, he sure has tried to, and continues by protecting others over his own safety. It does not bother him, that he will never make up for what he did, but that he will always to.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Thank you so much for all your replies! I see you’re on a roll! And as you can tell I’m barely halfway through the series (which should last until April 2015). I had no idea about this aspect of Derakai’s background, despite what I knew. He’s a great Jedi character for sure! 🙂



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