Social Media Update: Google+ Profile

This month, I made the choice to take a break from academic writing, after having cracked project after project for 13 months. I am keeping up with blogging and other projects. I hope that I even start writing my short story series, but if I don’t, I know that the break does wonders to both my body and my brain. I needed it, especially with two cases of burnout over the last year and a third one looming very close at the end of the summer.

Photo Credit: Rayi Christian.

Photo Credit: Rayi Christian.

I have also been polishing several of my social media platforms over the last couple of weeks.  I will post an actual breakdown about how I post and where, but right now, I want to announce that my Google+ profile is set, if people want to connect there. I don’t know how active I will be, but information and links are all set.

All the social media platforms I use are listed on my Contact page.

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