TV Review: Dominion (Season 1)

I didn’t have high expectations when I tried Dominion out. Since I tend to enjoy post apocalyptic narratives and because of Anthony Head being part of the main cast, I decided to watch it. I probably watched the whole season because it was a short one. The whole concept of God having vanished and leaving humans, angels and archangels deal with the situation made me a bit curious because of certain story lines in Supernatural, back when I still watched that show as well.

I wasn’t blown away by this show. It had interesting moments and ideas but I think that playing on everyone’s ambiguity was a tad too much. I like layered characters, but even more than in Caprica, I didn’t care or sympathize with the characters in Dominion. Keeping everyone in such a grey area was too much and impended the story.

Source: Dominion Wiki.

Source: Dominion Wiki.

I also never knew whether the show was trying to have compelling female characters or just stick to sexist tropes. It was annoying because it seemed to go from one to the other, which made me uncomfortable. Most of the nudity (especially female) was gratuitous. I didn’t see the point of most of the scenes including such things. There was great sensual tension on a few occasions, and these worked perfectly well without relying on nudity to make sense.

I also wondered about the rest of the religions/spiritual beliefs in Dominion. There is the whole Christian approach with how they speak of God and the angels and archangels, but I found it weird that nobody was shown that had other religions from ‘before’ the angel related wars. There is existing religion in this post apocalyptic world, including some that are dangerous cults, but I would have been curious to see the question of other religions brought up.

There is one example of another spiritual path, shown with the culture from women in another surviving city. These women revere the female divine and it is shown that their leader has an intimate relationship with a female archangel. All of this made me wonder whether there could be (if the show had another season) an embodiment of this female divine and how it could relate to God, now that God is said to have disappeared for years. It definitely raised some questions.

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