Star Wars: The Clone Wars Fan Video (9th Vidding Anniversary)

I am bewildered that it is my 9th vidding anniversary. I still remember making the first one on a whim on August 24, 2005. I had been watching fan videos for about three years back then, but had never thought I would start creating my own and would still have as much enjoyment from this outlet nine years after. I have no idea how many fandom (TV, movie, video game) I have vidded by now, but I can count them by dozens. I am very multifandom, despite having some favorites, including for vidding.

I had a few ideas for this 9th anniversary video (and even have a few for the big 10 years in 2015) but the one that ended coming to life had nothing to do with them. I am not even surprised. Going back to Star Wars was one of the natural choices, and with my vidding anniversary happening almost on the same date as the 6 years of the French release of the Clone Wars movie, making an ensemble tribute to this film seemed a clever and inspiring fit.

I didn’t plan to use a French song, especially this old traditional that talks about a wolf, a fox, a weasel (Ventress), a mare (Anakin) and its foal (Ahsoka). I had even marked Firework by Katy Perry for the video when the muse hit me hard and didn’t play nice, saying she wanted another song. So I ended with this old French song, La Jument de Michao, performed by Nolwenn Leroy.



9 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars Fan Video (9th Vidding Anniversary)

  1. mbarkersimpson

    The music fit perfectly to the action, like a well choreographed dance. This is my first fan video. My knowledge of Star Wars is limited to the movies, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Impressive stuff!


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