TV Review: Crisis (Episodes 9 to 13)

Marcus Finley. Source: Crisis Official Website.

Marcus Finley.
Source: Crisis Official Website.

I admit that I had lost interest in Crisis within the first episodes of the show and was somewhat relieved when it got cancelled. Yet, I wanted to see it to the end for three reasons: the plot and two characters (Marcus Finley and Meg Fitch). I wish I had been more into the show, regardless of its cancellation (after all, I fell in love with a few shows that got cancelled after only one season this year).

The idea was brilliant and overall well executed. As I said before, my biggest problem was that I didn’t care for most of the characters. Of course, I felt bad for the kidnapped kids and what their parents went through as well, but I didn’t feel emotionally engaged with this show as I expected to be, especially given the topic. For example, I found Agent Susie Dunn okay at first and remotely interesting, especially with the personal revelations that took place early in the season. I was also hoping to find myself invested in her relationships with both her sister Meg and Agent Finley, her new partner. I didn’t manage to. It felt that most scenes where I should have just left me staring at the screen and wish that some spark had actually happened.

Without Marcus Finley and Meg Fitch, I don’t think I would have actually sit down during the whole thirteen episodes. Both Lance Gross and Gillian Anderson just delivered something on screen that made me care for their characters and it was a breath of fresh air in this show, but even them weren’t enough to make up for all the other scenes when they weren’t included.

2 thoughts on “TV Review: Crisis (Episodes 9 to 13)

    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      It aired on Sunday evening (back to back with Believe, also short lived with a single season) earlier this year. I’d like to say you’ve been missing something but I can’t really say that in an overall fashion! Thank you for your comment!



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