TV Review: Game of Thrones Season 4 (Episodes 9-10)

I am relieved that Game of Thrones‘s fourth season is over. I really hope that the next season will be more coherent, have better pace and less sexual violence against women. It might all be wishful thinking, but it doesn’t hurt to hope. There were some good and solid episodes, and some of the best scenes of the whole show, but overall, it was draining or boring on a regular basis.

I loved the ninth episode and the whole battle at Castle Black was outstanding. It was beautifully and meaningfully executed. It felt great to finally see Jon Snow gets somewhere and I loved how Sam also benefited from solid moments. The one thing I don’t get is why they crammed everything in this single episode. It made little sense to me, especially as we knew that it was coming. I didn’t see the point of putting a unique focus in this episode, contrary to how episodes are normally set up. I mean, we knew this was coming, so I don’t understand why they couldn’t split this battle over 2 or 3 episodes. It felt as if they suddenly remembered they had to handle this epic battle and put everything in this one episode, so they were over and done with it.

Source: Game of Thrones Wiki.

Source: Game of Thrones Wiki.

The finale of this season had important moments. Yet, some things also felt rushed, especially what happens with Daenerys’s dragons. I mean, we saw that the missing one was growing – as Jorah Mormont reminded her – in the first episode of the season, but it lacked build up to me. We didn’t see the dragons or speak about them for so long and suddenly Daenerys sees how dangerous they are, with one missing, and chained the two others. As heartbreaking as this scene was, I was disappointed in how they didn’t treat this aspect of Daenerys’s storyline with as much depth as they could have.

Cersei still annoys me but I was glad to see Jaime still growing as a character (though I still have issues with things that previously happened, especially him raping his sister, earlier this season). It was wonderful to see him helping Tyrion escape. I am still disheartened with what happened with Shae, and it made sense that Tyrion killed her after she tried to do the same with him, when he found her before escaping. The scene between him and his father was also poignant and once again, Tyrion’s choice made a lot of sense.

Brienne’s fight with the Hound was as epic as I had heard it was. I wasn’t surprised that Arya refused to go with Brienne afterwards, but I didn’t expect her to just walk away from the Hound and let him to die without ending him, even as he begged her and with how he had protected her for so long.

Overall, I am excited about season 5, especially as I think (hope?) it can only be better on a general level than this last one. I still want to believe that Game of Thrones can be the outstanding show it has been on many occasions. I hope I won’t be disappointed when it starts again next year, but I am going to nevertheless enjoy the break until then.

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