TV Review: Believe (Episodes 12-13)

While I wish that Believe hadn’t been cancelled, I am grateful that its only season didn’t end with a horrible cliffhanger. I mean, there was still room for a lot more development, and more trouble was to come, but things could have been much worse.

I was happy to see Bo able to help Dani and bring her back to the light, so to speak. Yet, the last two episodes left me a little confused about the order of things. In 1.12, it felt as if Orchestra was fully coming down, and then it existed normally in the finale, and there was no trace of Dani in this latest episode. It isn’t the first time I got a little confused with the writing.

Source: Believe Wiki.

Source: Believe Wiki.

At least, it didn’t take much from my enjoyment of the characters’ development and their relationships. I found it interesting to see Bo’s powers continue to expand and how she could do new things and also see her mother from the beyond. That was very compelling. Her bond with her father and also  with both Milton and even Channing.

I know that it didn’t go far since the show was cancelled, but I appreciated that they included how some people grew up with gifts similar to the children and young brought to Orchestra, without understanding them or being remarked by the sinister organization.

I am glad that I was able to see this short lived show in its entirety and it is likely that I eventually include it in future papers and books of mine.

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