TV Review: Continuum Season 3

When I watched the first four episodes of Continuum season 3, I was a bit doubtful of how this new season would turn out. I loved the development over the first two seasons, but as much as I thought that the new timeline twist and the whole freelancer business was clever, the beginning of this new season left me unsure of how I was feeling about the actual delivery of this new plot. The characters were still great, there were amazing moments, but something felt slightly off to me, as if the writers were trying too hard, pushing things too far too quickly.

So, I took a break in watching, because I felt that – just like with The 100 season one – it might put me in a better mindset to pick it up when I did. I finally did this end of July and I went on a marathon of season 3 episodes 5 to 13 in less than 2 days. I couldn’t stop. From episode 5 and especially episode 6, things felt right again.

Source: Continuum Wiki.

Source: Continuum Wiki.

I love how bold and complex Continuum is, but I like when things don’t feel all thrown together on a too intense level, to the point things just seem too much. This season was mind blowing, the characters continued to grow so much. I liked how new, and sometimes most unexpected dynamics, happened. There was much ass kicking moments and that made for epic battles, but this is only a fraction of this season’s wonderfulness.

The way things came together as the season progressed was brilliant and made the narrative even more compelling. There was a lot of emotional times as well, and I definitely had teary eyes on a few occasions. It feels that everything that happened in the previous seasons meant something and led all the characters to grow, many in the good, some in the bad direction.

As I write this post, there is still no word whether there will be a fourth season or not, but I definitely hope there will!

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