Book Review: Jump… And Your Life Will Appear by Nancy Levin

JumpCoverJump… And Your Life Will Appear: An inch-by-inch guide to making a major change by Nancy Levin delivers what its title promises, and even more. I was curious about it, and I might have seen it in the Amazon suggestions based on previous readings.

I loved Levin’s practical approach to the change making process. The book is well organized and balanced. It feels that she gives the right amount of time to every step of the process, which makes the reader’s thought process more solid as well.

What struck me most in Levin’s book was everything that had to do with accepting to be imperfect, accepting novelty and letting go of perfectionism, which can easily lead to unsatisfaction and burnout. I like that she shows how difficult it can be to stop being a people pleaser and – while continuing to give your best to what you do – welcome more play and room to be your true self.

I like how she shows that changes are done little by little, and that it is an ongoing process. The way she also speaks abot boundaries and asking for help were particularly important to me, though it isn’t really possible to pinpoint a favorite part of this book as to me all and every chapter was equally meaningful and form a cohesive whole.

One thought on “Book Review: Jump… And Your Life Will Appear by Nancy Levin

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