Feminist Friday: Early Childhood and Culture

This week’s Feminist Friday discussion was held at Part Time Monster but everyone is still welcome to chime in as the discussion run for a few days.

Part Time Monster

A few weeks ago I wrote a post titled “Early Childhood Learning is About Parents.” That turned into a discussion about how to deal with the fact that children learn by imitating the people who take care of them. Today I want to look at the same issue from another angle. Children also learn from whatever larger culture they happen to be born into. They don’t just imitate the people who feed and clothe them. They also imitate people they encounter at school and people they see on television. In this post I’ll share a couple of anecdotes about things I’ve had to do to try and counteract attitudes with my six-year-old grandson that could turn into sexism if we didn’t talk about them honestly.

First, a conversation we had in a McDonald’s a few months ago. We were on the road and stopped there to take a…

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