First Once Upon A Time Video: Hang On To Your Hopes (Regina Centric)

Since I fell in love with Once Upon A Time end of 2013, I knew that I would eventually vid the show. For the past few months, I got a few ideas, either for Regina (including Regina/Robin) or for Mulan (including Aurora/Mulan). I worked on getting my clips for a season 3 Regina centric video in the past couple of weeks and I already had the song in mind: Hazy Shade of Winter by The Bangles. I had wanted to vid this song for many years, but I never had the right muse hitting me, until Regina.

This video is season 3 centric and reflects on how far Regina has come. I didn’t plan on giving such a large place to motherhood and her relationship with her son Henry, but it just happened, and I know better than to deny the muse what they want. The element of her romance with Robin was planned for start, though I picture this video as Regina centric and not a Robin/Regina centric, no matter how important this is in the narrative of the video. You will also note how I deny (once again) the mess that happens in the last minutes of the final episode of season three.


Source: Once Upon A Time Wiki.

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