Book Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Go Ask Malice, a Slayer’s Diary by Robert Joseph Levy

Source: Wikipedia.

Source: Wikipedia.

The first novel included in my fourth Buffy The Vampire Slayer anthology was Go Ask Malice, A Slayer’s Diary by Robert Joseph Levy. This is a Faith centric one written under the form of a personal diary. When I found out and began reading it, I wasn’t so sure that I would enjoy it. I think that Faith is a very compelling character who had solid development in this fictional universe, but the whole personal diary aspect left me very skeptical, as I am not so into such books.

Yet, the novel won me over as entries went on. The author did a great job to write from Faith’s point of view and I could really “hear” Faith as I went through the pages. Learning more about what happened to her in the past and up to a few months before she appeared in the television show was very interesting and shed new light on the young woman.

There was a lot of heavy stuff (including abuse of several kinds), but given the focus of the book, I wasn’t surprised. I also liked seeing Faith with her first Watcher, Diana Dormer. Their relationship was one of my favorite elements in the novel. While we knew that Faith’s first watcher was a woman from the series, it was great to see more of a female watcher with how present she was in the second part of the novel.

In the end, Go Ask Malice, A Slayer’s Diary was a

good surprise, albeit difficult topics and my early concerns due to the diary format.

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