Book Review: Star Wars: Jedi Trial by David Sherman and Dan Cragg

Source: Wikipedia.

Source: Wikipedia.

I am still on a reading rampage, which includes a lot of Star Wars and Buffy novels! This time, it was Star Wars: Jedi Trial by David Sherman and Dan Cragg. I like how this Clone Wars era story, which was published prior to the television series, blends in with it anyway. One thing that stood out, besides the characters, in it was how detailed the military aspect was. I have a lot of difficultywriting anything military myself, but I enjoyed reading it. The two authors did a great job at it, including on material elements that one might easily overlook or not include in a story. It gave a very practical feel to the unfolding narrative.

It was interesting to see Anakin work with another Jedi Master, Nejaa Halcyon, and find out that this one was also secretly married and even had a child. The bond between both Jedi was an interesting angle and I think that them not discussing private matters so much and so often in the book made a lot of sense, and not just because they spent most of it in the middle of a huge conflict. I don’t picture them having overshared or talked about such private matters more than once or twice. Showing that Anakin wasn’t the only one having a secret marriage was important and quite probable given the extense of the Order back then.

I liked the two military original characters, Erk H’Arman and Odie Subu. I loved their interaction, their bantering and how they helped each other. The way they ask Anakin to marry them at the end was a lovely touch. A few clone troopers were also well written and incorporated. As for the whole backstory and present entanglements with Halcyon, Slayke and Grudo, it was another solid aspect of the story, especially with their different backgrounds and personalities.

Anakin remembering his late mother, Shmi, as Reija Momen dies in his arms was a poignant moment in the book, and it also explained well how he tapped into the Dark Side at this moment. It added another element building up towards his fall in Revenge of the Sith.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Star Wars: Jedi Trial by David Sherman and Dan Cragg

  1. Mei-Mei

    Ahhhh I think I read this one also, because I remember Nejaa Halcyon…he’s the grandfather of Corran Horn from the X-Wing books! I thought the interaction between him and Anakin was interesting.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      I didn’t realize that Halcyon was Horn’s grandfather! I had only read one of the X-Wing books, and didn’t really get into them. The interaction was interesting and something different, with Anakin, indeed!


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