One Year Blogiversary

Time flies! It has been a year, this week, that I moved Science Fiction, Transmedia & Fandom to WordPress. I remember how I was on vacation, visiting friends, when I had the idea. The original website went back to other hosts since end of 2010. I remember thinking how I should really get into blogging, and WordPress sounded like a good option.

I never regretted coming to WordPress, because not only do I enjoy the practicality of the platform, but I love the community. I didn’t expect to blog as regularly as I have been nor meet so many great people. I am looking forward to what the future has in store and I thank you all for reading, sharing, liking and commenting on my blog! Thanks for your support!

Feel free to check the best of, appearances, publications and contact pages, to see what I have done in the past year, what I am up to and where you can find me!

Photo Credit: Cas Cornelissen.

Photo Credit: Cas Cornelissen.

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