Feminist Friday Plan, with fabulous music.

I’m looking forward to everyone who can chime in on next Friday (or Saturday, Sunday) to the new Feminist Friday Discussion hosted on my blog. Thank you for announcing it at the Monster and that’s one great song to include!

Part Time Monster

Natacha Guyot has graciously volunteered to host the Feminist Friday discussion this week, and the post is already written. No advance warning on the topic this week; if you want to know what we’re talking about, you’ll just have to tune in over the weekend to find out.


We’re taking the Friday after off to recharge our batteries a little, because these threads can be exhausting and we don’t want to be undone by fatigue. But we’ll be back the week after. CompGeekDavid, Diana, and me are all thinking about our next  posts. We really want to keep these going.

If you care about gender equality, and think there’s not enough of it in the world at the present moment, do join us at Natacha’s blog on Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday. Our last two discussion threads were still active on the Mondays after they were posted. You can…

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