Discussing Fandom And Its Past and Future Impact

Thank you, Tricia for letting me know about this video, The Future of Fandom from PBS Idea Channel! If you are interested in fandom and how it can develop and impact society, you should watch it!

I was glad to see several significant things that had happened in fandom included, as well as the Organization for Transformative Works mentioned. While I no longer serve as a staff member (I used to be on both International & Outreach and Fan Video & Multimedia between 2010 and 2013), I am glad to see the OTW still doing well and help fans and their culture.

One thing that I find important is to avoid inner elitism and petty fights. I know that this is wishful thinking, no matter the setting. There is so much that fandom can bring to a person, especially with how community is important in it! The fact that one can belong to multiple communities also adds to the life experiences and how people can relate to others and learn to be curious and respectful of others’ ideas and preferences.

I am a proud fangirl and I know that it has also helped me shape my professional orientation. I wouldn’t have decided to present about Dragon Age‘s female characters in 2012 if I hadn’t been a fan of the game franchise, especially when I had never really included video games in my research before. The conference I attended because of it was a game changer for me and had a great influence on me.

If I hadn’t fallen in love with Star Wars when a child, I might not have gone into media studies, and developed a strong taste for Science Fiction – and interesting female characters.

Live to tell the tale - LJ header

That thought provoking video also reminded me of the upcoming French web documentary Citizen Fan, produced by La Gaptiere. It should be released this summer and I took part in it as Vidding and Fan Studies specialist, last November. The producer’s interest in fandom was refreshing, and I am looking forward to the finished result.

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