What This Writer Is Up To

Writing has been a little weird for me lately. I am not going through burnout, which is good given what afflicted me earlier this year. I just have been thrown off the type of schedule/goals I had been working with for the last year. I am flexible, but sometimes I take some time to adjust.

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Academic writing: I am eager to finish my book proposal about Dana Scully and submit it, just as I am tempted to submit more abstracts for possible publications. I am pacing myself though, because there might be some big changes coming for this end of this Summer/early Fall, so as long as I don’t know what happens, I am a little stuck. I don’t want risking being overwhelmed – as I am still waiting to get some answers about other abstracts and papers previously submitted. I always takes notes for future paper/eBook/book ideas, but when it comes to academic writing, I have a difficult time focusing on something if I have nowhere to submit it too. Answering call for papers and/or having publishers to submit to (for book proposals) is what I do. It gives me purpose and better organization.

Fiction writing: I haven’t touched my original novel projects in years, and I honestly don’t have the stamina to tackle any of them these days. (I don’t really do well at short stories). Of course, I have had some muses looming around and taunting me, but I don’t want to get sucked up into something I wont follow through with. I hope to return to original fiction one day, but I just feel that now isn’t the time.

Blogging: Due to the death of my laptop last week, my TV watching has drastically diminished (long story short, I need to multitask – except reading a book – while watching TV for long amount of times). I am falling behind on series and some movies, so the reviews I normally posted on a regular basis will be scarcer for the upcoming weeks/months. This will also challenge me to come up with other topics. As for the big blog series that I’ve been working on, I hope to be able to launch it end of July/early August.

3 thoughts on “What This Writer Is Up To

    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      I’ll be offline Friday-Sunday due to going to a place without internet, so I hope it’ll recharge the muses even more and that I can catch up with some reading! 🙂



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