Blog Updates + Tumblr Account

New Blog Feature: Since yesterday, I started a Wordless Sunday feature. Every week, I will post one of my fan arts – mostly wallpapers, and will try to display as many diverse fandom as possible. You can expect mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy, but some surprises will show up every now and then. I have already loaded and schedule all features until end of September!

Upcoming Blog Series: I have now finished all the video scripting for the introductory segments for A Galaxy of Possibilities: Discussing Character Writing, Diversity, Star Wars and Fandom. It gave me good directions to how to approach the writing of every actual post (first character’s started!) Due to my laptop dying on me a few days ago, I had to set everything back up on my desktop and hope that the equipment I have to tape the video segments will be good enough. Next goal is to work on all the actual posts, which will take a while. I’m very excited about this series and I hope that you will enjoy it once it launches!

Photo Credit: Coley Christine Catalano.

Photo Credit: Coley Christine Catalano.

And following on the pondering and posting about a possible other social media platform, I have officially joined Tumblr. You can find me at this address. I am planning to use Tumblr to reblog some content from my WordPress blog; and possibly share some more graphic arts at times. Many thanks to Johnamarie for having been so helpful!

7 thoughts on “Blog Updates + Tumblr Account

  1. NotAPunkRocker

    My posts automatically upload to Tumblr, then I end up just reblogging random things from there. Tumblr is my insomnia habit 🙂


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