Movie Review: The Princess And The Frog

Source: Wikipedia.

Source: Wikipedia.

Continuing on my Disney catch up, I watched The Princess And The Frog. I loved this movie and it now is one of my favorite Disney. Tiana is one of my favorite princesses as well and a great female character! I enjoyed the whole movie and it had many great characters, both human and animal/insect.

I very much liked the opening with Tiana and her best friend Charlotte, and also with her parents. I think it was very important to show this as build up for the rest of the story. Seeing Tiana as a princess who wasn’t born in nobility and a woman of color was great. Her father telling her that wishing upon a star only got her halfway towards the realization of her dream and that the other half was hard work, made me extremely glad. I think that the apology of hard work and dedication in the narrative was a strong point.

Seeing Tiana not give up on her dream, even as it evolves was great, just as seeing her smash the amulet herself to save the day. She was such a great character! Yet, I think that the way the movie showed that she didn’t have to give up on everything else to get her dream to happen was crucial too.

Her banter with Naveen was priceless and I like how they both helped each other to learn new things. If Naveen hadn’t grown up through the experience, I wouldn’t have wanted to see Tiana be with him. The progression was well done. I liked that after the noble wedding, we see them work on (and at) the restaurant together.

I also liked Tiana’s and Charlotte’s friendship. I think that it added a lot, just like the crocodile and the firefly who were among my favorite characters. I found this very touching to see Raymond reunited with his love Evangeline, as he shines next to her after he passes away.

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