Book Review: Miracles Now By Gabrielle Bernstein

I recently finished reading Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose by Gabrielle Bernstein. It has been one of my favorite reads of this year so far. I only based myself on the blurb and not even the reviews. I have a strong interest in personal and spiritual development books but I know that not all books necessarily speak to me and that sometimes only a fraction can really engage me.

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Miracles Now was very compelling and right up my alley and suited my beliefs well (I consider myself a Christian and also holds interest in Eastern philosophies and spirituality). While I enjoy books that have a “specific” religious or spiritual affiliation through their author and purpose, I tend to have a strong appreciation for the ones that have a rather broad approach of the Divine, so people can adapt advice and tips to their own preference, like Miracles Now does.

I like books that have practical applications and advice, though when things are broken down in too small pieces, it can seem repetitive too easily. I was glad to see that it wasn’t the case in this book. I liked how everything builds up if you read it in order, as I did, but it still is usable out of order and only relying on specific pieces.

I’d recommend to read it in order as I think it made the overall approach and discourse more approachable to me, and make things feel more complete. I know that I will return to this book in the future as I feel that I’ll benefit from rereading it all or at least part. I really liked the practical aspect of it, and how doable they sounded. I am very interested in meditation, but I find it easily daunting so have easy to follow steps to work with and build on bit by bit is a real treat. Practical advice doesn’t always sound like that to me, but what is developed in Miracles Now does. It gives me a lot of food for thoughts and things to rely on in every day life to combat negativity and stress. As always, this isn’t an easy thing to achieve and always a work in progress, but the tips offered in this are really tangible and feel achievable, which is why I appreciated discovering Miracles Now so much, as well as its author, Gabrielle Bernstein.

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