Feminist Friday: Early Childhood Learning is about Parents

Another very thought provoking Feminist Friday discussion, this week hosted at Part Time Monster. I encourage all of you to check it out and chime in.

Part Time Monster

I’ve been circling education for several weeks now, trying to find a way into it that might get us a productive discussion. I’ve decided the best way to cover it is to break it down by age, so early childhood learning is the first item on the list. I’m not talking about preschool and kindergarten here. I’m talking about things children learn at home before they ever get to school. The only way I know to approach this topic is to go straight at it.

The point of these discussions for me is to find productive ways of dealing with misogyny. Misogynistic attitudes and behaviors are at the root of every problem we’ve discussed so far. It’s fair to say it affects all women at some point in their lives. That means it affects all men, too – even the multitudes of us who aren’t misogynists – because we…

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