TV Review: Witches Of East End

Source: Witches of East End Wiki.

Source: Witches of East End Wiki.

I had heard about Witches of East End, since the original airing of the first season end of last year. It had piqued my interest, but I was already watching so many new shows that I didn’t want to add this one to the list. I used to watch the early seasons of Charmed when a teenager, and a couple of other Fantasy productions, but I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to check this one out.

With so many new shows I liked getting cancelled, I decided to watch the pilot at least, especially since it already got renewed for a second season. So I sat through it, and in the same night I watched until the fifth episode and the day after I finished the season. Is it July yet? I want the second season right now!

I didn’t expect to fall in love with this show the way I did. I love the fact that they just didn’t focus on sisters, but actually two sets of sisters and also the whole family. It makes the dynamics very rich and I enjoy seeing two generations of witches in this family. I admit that Freya is the character I like least. She is very slowly growing on me, but I don’t care for her as I do for the three other main characters. Wendy was my first favorite as I really loved her from start, but Joanna and Ingrid are also great characters. I think that Wendy and Joanna are my two favorite now. Sometimes their interaction reminds me a little bit of Mona and Angela in Who’s the Boss? (of course these two were mother and daughter instead of sisters as Joanna and Wendy are).

The one thing that disappointed me a lot in the show was Adam’s death. I liked the character a lot and enjoyed his interaction with Ingrid. I think that the show could have benefited from keeping him around, despite the lesson the experience taught Ingrid. I miss the character.

In my view, the show (I didn’t read the books) grew in a very solid way and we learned more about the characters on a well paced basis and a lot of good work was done for their relationships. I like how magic and witchcraft are depicted in it, with the different aspects and what they agree to do and what they don’t. I love the idea of several lives and how reincarnation is embedded in the story line besides the witchcraft related fantasy aspect.

I’m very curious about what will happen in the second season and whether we will see Joanna’s son that was mentioned at some point. I’d also like to see her possibly rekindle her relationship with Victor, and understand better why they separated in the first place all these centuries ago. I can’t wait for the next season starting this July!

6 thoughts on “TV Review: Witches Of East End

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  2. thejedilibrarian

    I loved this show too! I loved Wendy and Joanna. Julia Ormond is one of mine and my moms favorites. Plus, Ingrid being a librarian made her earn a special place in my heart. I didn’t like Adam’s death either, vault at least it served a purpose. I can’t wait to see what happens next either.

    I also haven’t read the books, but will have to see if my library system has them or suggest for order.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Glad to hear you loved this show too! I so agree with you about Ingrid being a librarian! I’m looking forward the next season. That’s the good thing about having checked the first one only recently: I won’t have too much time to wait!

      If you read the books, please let me know what you think of them!



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