TV Reviews: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season 4

Source: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Wiki.

Source: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Wiki.

I am so happy that My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic was renewed for a fifth season! I finally caught up with the most recent one and enjoyed it a lot. I didn’t get to see Equestria Girls yet, but hope to get to this in the upcoming weeks! I still love this show to pieces and think that they’re doing a really good job at developing the characters.

I wasn’t sure how they would treat things now that Twilight was a princess but I love the evolution. It was brilliantly done and was a good way to show how despite continuing on their respective path (as not just Twilight see changes in her life as we continue to follow Rarity’s work in fashion or Rainbow Dash’s ventures in elite flying for example). The three younger ones have been growing on me a lot since they were first introduced as well! I like that just like Granny Smith, they make for a fuller picture with multiple generations included!

One of the strengths of this season was how even episodes that started in a way making me think that I was going to be bored, turned out to bring something to the story and be enjoyable! I even learned to find interest in the character of Discord, against all odds! I’m shocked that he became such a solid character!

I also really like all the princesses in the show. I am always glad to see scenes between Twilight with Celestia or Cadence. My favorite princess (besides Twilight who is now one) still is Luna though! It was lovely seeing her in a handful of season four episodes, though I always hope to see her more! I loved the scenes with the four of them at the end of the season! Some of my favorite moments!

I didn’t see the connection between all the given elements to the different ponies over the season. That was great storytelling! I enjoy surprises like these! The same way I liked that Twilight needs the whole season to start getting a grasp on her new Alicorn magic. I like how all of this character development is show as a real work in progress.

Seeing Twilight’s house destroyed made me sad, and so many books lost! The showdown between Twilight and Tirek was epic. When she accepted to give her magic for her friends, including Discord, was a very emotional moment. And It is great that the final needed key is what Discord  gave Twilight! I liked how Twilight gets a lovely castle at the end and especially understands what she is meant to do. The Friendship council room was a great touch! I think it is very important to show that Twilight is where she is because of her friends!

4 thoughts on “TV Reviews: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season 4

  1. njmckay

    awesome! i’ve only seen the first couple of season and that ‘Equestrian Girls’ special. Netflix hasn’t caught up yet so once they do i’ll be sure to start watching the show again. I really like the reboot they made and it still reminds me of the old cartoon I used to watch as a kid.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      My review for Equestria Girls is coming in 3 days if I remember my schedule correctly! I never saw the original cartoon, though it aired when I was a kid, but very much enjoying this new version. If you like what you saw so far, you’ll have a great time with the next seasons!


  2. hannahgivens

    Ohhh, seeing all those books get torched was an emotional blow for sure. I do like the new castle though, and it kind of rectified the weird imbalance they had at season 3’s finale when Twilight got promoted but nobody else did.



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