Joining The Tinker Bell Part Five: Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy

Source: Wikipedia.

Source: Wikipedia.

I was curious to see how Tinker Bell And The Pirate Fairy would be, since my friend Rose hadn’t seen it yet and mentioned that the reviews weren’t so good. Yet, I approached it like the previous ones, since I enjoyed every other movie of the series until then. I really liked the movie and I think they did a solid job with it. I wasn’t disappointed.

I’ll admit that I didn’t care for the pirates, despite finding it a nice touch in term of overall storytelling in regards to the Peter Pan universe. I much preferred the baby crocodile in this type of universe elements. This baby was so cute! I don’t like crocodiles but I wanted to cuddle this one! The way they do the animals and insect animation still is one of my favorite things about this movie series.

I liked the character of Zarina, the pixie-dust talent fairy who is introduced. They did a good job at having her be a natural part of the universe and with her interactions with not just Tinker Bell but also her friends and other familiar characters. I found it interesting how she also had this scientific approach to her own work and using her own talent, with her alchemy (as she calls it pixie-dust alchemy) at the end of the movie.

I think that having one year between the opening with Zarina messing things up and deciding to run away on her own, and then the rest of the story was good, as it made it credible why so much would have happened and make sense with Zarina’s change. I admit that while I understand that pixie dust can be dangerous, I would have kind of expected Tinker Bell to be less wary of Zarina’s experiments at first, but I think it can be explained because Zarina didn’t really give her time to compute everything.

Showing Zarina go “dark” so to speak, in a way that Tinker Bell could have as well, was a clever plot idea. The fact that she went her own way for a year makes it all the more credible that she would take time to consider that her road wasn’t the smarter one, but it also helped her discover her alchemy talents on a new level. With the help of Tinker Bell and the others (and understanding that she was being just used by the pirates), seeing her realize that she could still do good and help fellow fairies was a great narrative.

I liked how the regular fairies got their talents mixed up for most of the movie. Showing them struggling with the temporary ones and all the banter that happened at times was entertaining. It also promoted the team spirit because they had to explain to one another how to go about certain things that would be natural to her, in between having some instinct about the temporary talents. I loved that Vidia inherited the tinker abilities. It was to be expected given her history with Tinker but it still was something to see!

On a final note, Everybody sleeping for a long part of the story at the big festival reminded me of Sleeping Beauty!

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