Movie Review: Pompeii

I fell in love with Pompeii‘s score by Clinton Shorter straight from the opening. I like that the hero’s mother was seen fighting as much as the men, and that she tried to protect her son. Seeing her killed (decapitated) without any rape happen was “refreshing” as horrible as it might sound, but with the rape culture that crawls everywhere, I was glad to see that. For what I gathered, other women were also directly killed without sexual abuse. This is worthy of notice. While I haven’t watched 24 in years, seeing Kiefer Sutherland as a Roman military made me think “oh Jack Bauer!” before thinking of Caprica because of Sasha Roiz. I really see fandom everywhere.

While my heart will forever belong to Maximus (played by Russel Crowe in Gladiator), Kit Harrigton is charismatic and shows his fighting prowess in this movie, differently from his Jon Snow portrayal in Game of Thrones. I love his voice. And this music, I’ll have to get it because this is one epic score!

I had heard about the horse scene, and wasn’t sure it would work for me, but it didn’t. There could have been many ways for the two characters to first interact, but though it’s supposed to show Milo’s kindness, I just found it way too far-fetched.

I love the visuals in the movie. Seeing Carrie-Ann Moss again was a treat. I love this actress! And she works well as Emily Blunt’s mother! Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje was another treat as part of a cast that made me impatient to see the movie since I first heard about it!

The movie definitely reminds me of Gladiator in some ways, but thing is that I don’t mind it because I can enjoy watching several productions in the same genre and the two movies are different enough that Pompeii doesn’t look like a copycat. Gladiator is one of my all time favorite movies, but I am nevertheless having a great time watching Pompeii. I checked that movie for entertainment and it is overall delivering.

I think that having the announcing signs of the catastrophe was a good idea. I admit that at first, I wasn’t so sure about Cassia, and worried she was a bit of a boring character, but she proved to have quite a personality and be more interesting than I expected, which was a nice surprise.

The music gives me so many chills. And I think that the build up for why Cassia goes with Milo, horse riding away from the residence makes sense with how she has behaved until then. Milo being so honorable and Cassia defending him was a good way. I like how they didn’t have much time away on their own, and that it added to the build up instead or rushing things too much. I also like Cassia’s handmaiden. She was a great character.

Source: IMDb.

Source: IMDb.

The bonding between Milo and Atticus is also an aspect of the movie I tremendously like. I think that it was a good idea to focus on Pompeii in this movie, instead of Rome, besides the whole catastrophic event.

The whole replayed battle in the arena that didn’t go as it did in history was well done. Watching this movie makes me want to rewatch Gladiator so much. And Sutherland plays quite the arrogant and creepy villain. Cassia’s father is a character I don’t care for. To me he has little strength or wits, in opposition to his wife and daughter.

Cassia really grew on me and I’m glad that the singular combat in the arena is happening. I knew it was coming but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable! I like how the fight as the catastrophe is really starting went to the rest of the slaves and began one huge fight. Aurelia’s dying kind of reminded me of Trinity’s death in Matrix Revolution; and I like how she asked her husband to kill Corvus though I wasn’t surprise to see him fail. I also liked how Aurelia asked Milo to save Cassia, in a way of giving her blessing.

The eruption and destruction were well executed! I like how Milo tells Atticus to go because he is now free. It was one of the most emotional moments of the movies to me. I was hoping that Ariadne would survive, but I think it was asking too much. Atticus is a hero and a great character. I am glad that he benefited from solid screen time (and he could even have had more in my view). It also makes sense that Atticus then tells Milo to go after Corvus while he fights Proculus. I’m very disappointed that Atticus died but I am glad that he found the last bit of strength to kill Proculus. That was a heroic death at least!

I liked that Cassia still try to save herself in the small way she was able to, not letting Milo do everything, showing her resilience again. The last fight between Corvus and Milo was great as well. And I liked that Cassia had a role in it. Atticus standing up to meet his fate, dying a free man was heart wrenching. Fine, the ending made me cry rivers. There, I said it.

I expected epicness, entertainment, “grand spectacle” as we put it in French. I got every bit of it. So Pompeii was very much worth watching.

4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Pompeii

  1. njmckay

    i’m glad you liked it. Overall i enjoyed it too, however i could not connect to any of the characters or their relationships during the movie, but it sounds like you did so kudos! lol, i thought it was great to see the gladiators as the ‘sex objects’ during the party scene, a true depiction. It was a nice turning of the tables.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Oh yes, that was quite the turning of table, but made a lot of sense! I liked how the movie overall didn’t treat women as sex objects (sure Corvus wants to get the main female character for himself, but she still stands her ground to him). And I am rambling again!



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