Joining The Tinker Bell Party Part Two: Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure

I enjoyed the first Tinker Bell movie, but Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure won me over even more. I thought that it said a lot of things and the design was beautiful. I liked the autumn aspect and all the gorgeous colors. I love how nature is shown, with all the flora and the fauna. All the animals are well done and many of the bugs remind me of how they looked back in A Bug’s Life, which makes me happy. The firefly, Blaze,  totally won my heart! So expressive! I think it’s always smart to have characters who don’t talk and do everything through facial expressions and body language. It makes for different types of communication and interaction.

I continued to like how all fairies, tinkers or nature oriented ones, use their talents for many tasks and make the world follow its course. I like the practicality of it once again, especially as it showed how it didn’t prevent them from being creative. Seeing Tinker Bell be even more of a tinker and explore new inventions was great too. I like the trial and error that goes on again, as even with magical powers, not everything necessarily fall into place at once.

Source: Wikipedia.

Source: Wikipedia.

The scene when Tinker gets uncomfortable and can’t focus because of Terence being around was very well done. I know that she also went out of line when she got so angry at him, but the way it was shown that sometimes even when the other person is well meaning, you just need to be on your own for whatever you are working on.

The movie did solid work at showing how friendship can go through trouble even when both persons try their best and that misunderstandings and accidents happen. That was brilliantly accomplished and I liked that they needed time to figure things out and forgive each other and that Tinker could accept his help when she was ready.

I also liked how Blaze was part of the friendship narrative and also the example of the two trolls too. I didn’t see it coming with the trolls but thought that it worked well.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed this movie even more than the first one, and like the character development that takes place and the evolution of the dynamics.

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