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Star-Crossed 1.13 – Passion Lends Them Power: Drake and Taylor unsure of what they’re doing but trying their best given the accidental pregnancy is interesting, and I like that not everything is suddenly fine. I’m glad that Julia and her boyfriend were told about what happened with the Suvek, as I consider them as part of the group. Vega is a really great leader figure. I am still having a hard time figuring Teri out. Seeing her go with Emery to save Roman was a semi expected twist, but nevertheless a good one. Gloria finding out about Taylor’s pregnancy because she recognized the plant she was taking made sense given she also had a hybrid child with Nox a few years before. I liked when Roman told Teri how she truly is a healer. Thanks Lukas to find a possible trail for the group to find the Suvek. Atrians must really heal quickly, otherwise I would have thought Emery might have just killed Roman so soon after he was saved from imminent death. Thank God Emery eventually checked her phone. Gloria willing to help Taylor was a good thing, even though final choice is up to Taylor. Teri confronting her mother and her methods was a good development. I like how Teri isn’t clear cut in her path. Grayson also had solid character development. I didn’t expect the guardian of Eljida’s gates to come to Roman and introduce him to his half-brother. I still don’t get how Zoe made it out in one piece. She’s one manipulative and dangerous one. Taylor using her increased pregnancy strength against Zoe to rush away was a good moment. Gloria coming with a kick ass team to stop Vega and her people was outstanding. And seeing Teri surrender was meaningful. I really like how there were so many great and diverse female characters in this show! Learning that Teri tipped off Vega was great though I wonder who Teri’s father is. Julia giving a pep talk to her boyfriend showed her strength. The big team work to stop the Trags and preventing the bomb from exploding was epic! And this isn’t a way to end a show. This isn’t! How could this show get cancelled? All the humans left for dead or close to be, having the bomb actually be a signal for other Atrians, now coming to Earth with warships? I knew I would miss this show, but that ending, I need another season!

Image courtesy of zirconicusso /

Image courtesy of zirconicusso /

Links: Books, Movies, Networking, Writing


4 thoughts on “TV Reviews: Star-Crossed, Links: Books, Movies, Networking, Writing

      1. Harliqueen

        They seem to cancel everything now. I am really enjoyed Almost Human, and they’ve cancelled that too! Can’t they just give things a chance? Seems they don’t want a show unless it has the ridiculous success of GoT or something. -end of rant- 😀


        1. Natacha Guyot Post author

          Rant welcome. This year, they cancelled seven shows I watched, six I really liked: Almost Human, Intelligence, The Tomorrow People, Star-Crossed, Killer Women, Believe. Almost all of them were Science Fiction. I’m sad about this. I also wish that they would give better chances to shows!



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