TV Review: Crisis

When I learned about Crisis‘s cancellation, it was somewhat of a relief (in opposition to the six other shows whose cancellations leave me sad). I understand that it didn’t last, and my Gillian Anderson’s fangirl side crosses fingers that she will get to star in a show that I like more (she is stunning and the wonderful actress she is in her portrayal of Meg Fitch in Crisis, but Crisis doesn’t do it for me, and I can’t put myself to watch Hannibal even for her recurring part in it. I watch The Fall, but I would be happy to see Anderson in more than one series that I can watch and enjoy).

I tried the show out because of Gillian Anderson being part of the main cast, and continued watching only because of her character, Meg Fitch and Special Agent Finley. The idea behind the show is brilliant and there is solid execution of some of it. The problem with it (from start) is that (at least for me) most of the characters are just uninteresting or outright annoying. I can’t put myself to care for the kids (save for Anton whom we briefly saw in earlier episodes) and while I understand part of Susie Dunn’s behavior, I never really like her or care for her, except maybe in a couple of scenes with either Finley or Meg, especially in the latest episodes that aired.

I watched episodes 5 to 8 tonight, and will continue to watch the remaining episodes left to air. I am curious of how things will turn out, but it is kind of really sad because even if some of the kids died, I would just be sorry for their parents. It is the parents that I feel most sorry for in the show, as weird as it might sound. Once again, the idea behind the show was great, but I think that the gallery of characters and how things either feel dragged on or rushed, depending on the moment, didn’t help Crisis be the show it could have been.

Source: TV Guide.

Source: TV Guide.

4 thoughts on “TV Review: Crisis

    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      She is my favorite actress. I was so happy I could see her on stage in 2009 while living in London! And yes, she’s been back on TV lately, though she had always been shooting movies. 🙂



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