Blogging Projects, Links: Star Wars, Writing

Upcoming Guest Blog Post: I have made good progress in it and am at least at the 3/4 of it and hope to be done early next week, which will be much earlier than my deadline. The good thing is that it’ll be easy for my usual proofreader/editor to find the time to go through it and give me her input. The piece is coming really well and I hope that it will interest readers.

Photo Credit: Galymzhan Abdugalimov.

Photo Credit: Galymzhan Abdugalimov.

Upcoming Blog Series – A Galaxy of Possibilities: A Discussion of Character Writing, Star Wars and Fandom: I have gone through my roleplaying archive, to gather the complete list of characters, active and deleted ones. I really plan to speak about each and every of them, even when they had a very short existence or didn’t get written yet. I think that it is important to also mention the (many) characters who didn’t work for me, as it is part of the process and it’s not because they didn’t work for me in a roleplaying setting that they will never appear again in another project.

I have been trying to find the best approach to organize the series as 40 characters to talk about will take a while, but I’m very excited about having this upcoming series and I hope that it will both be engaging reading and launch interesting discussions! I think that I have nailed down a structure by now. I don’t want to risk having all the active characters and then all the deleted ones as I think it would be counter-intuitive. So, the series will be sorted out as the following:

  • Jedi
  • Sith
  • Dark Jedi
  • New Republic
  • Imperials
  • Hutt Cartel (bounty hunters, pirates, mercenaries, smugglers)

Since all these characters are/were written on the SWRPG board, basing the order on the existing faction there was an easy option. Within each category, characters will be organized the following way: faction leadership member (if I have one in said faction) and then everyone else in alphabetical order (active and deleted characters all mixed together).

The plan is to start it next month if all goes well. I want to catch up with more TV watching and reviews, and a couple other things, before posting the introduction.

Links: Star Wars, Writing

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