Star Wars, Writing and Assorted Projects

Photo Credit: Craig Garner.

Photo Credit: Craig Garner.

I feel that I am slowly getting back into the swing of things regarding my writing projects, and it is a very enjoyable feeling! Yesterday, I submitted a Mara Jade paper I wrote last summer for possible publication. I am now waiting for replies for six possible publications, and am hoping that at least some of them will be accepted. There are both finished papers and abstracts.

I am also extremely happy that I will be soon working for a guest blog post, and will be happy to share more details when the time comes. If all goes well, it should be completed and published by the end of the month. The place where it will happen is a very inspiring blog I recently discovered and it is an honor to be able to write for this blog.

A few months ago, I talked about a blog series I would like to run, which is about the female characters I considered as role models when I grew up. I have the complete list, but I have been postponing it and still am, because while I could just post pictures of said characters, I really feel that there should be videos whenever possible, but my vidding muse is in hibernation these days, thus, this series will probably remain a simple project until further notice.

I have been willing to find a returning series for this blog in terms of content for a while. I know that I regularly post TV, movie, book reviews, but to me this is regular content in the way that it depends on what I am watching/reading. So I don’t feel like making it some kind of special type of posts. I might have found a good idea for a blog series that might run for six months.  I have mentioned my Star Wars roleplaying hobby on a few occasions, including how it taught me to be a better writer and how it helps me for my future original fiction work (the day I actually get back to it, I know).

This series: A Galaxy of Possibilities: A Discussion of Character Writing, Star Wars and Fandom (tentative title) would encompass what is at the core of this blog and could be a great opportunity to discuss the Star Wars universe (including in terms of gender representations especially given my heavy tendency to write female characters), writing tips and what one can learn and experience through fandom. My idea would be to post once a week (flexible day) about one character, talk about how I created them, how they fit in the universe, what happened to them, also thanks to the collaborative writing experience roleplaying is.

7 thoughts on “Star Wars, Writing and Assorted Projects

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  2. njmckay

    Some awesome projects in the waiting! It would be great to hear from your point of view how roleplaying has helped, as it has with me with my writing skills.



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