TV Reviews: Once Upon A Time, Star-Crossed, The Tomorrow People

Once Upon A Time 3.19 – A Curious Thing: I like that we continue to see more that happened during the missing year. Aurora finally admitted what she did was needed in my view. I’m not surprised that the Wicked Witch didn’t keep her word and turned Aurora and her husband into flying monkeys. Seeing the group together even during the missing year is great. Grumpy had a good line and I loved seeing Robin telling Regina he was here to save her ass was great. The scene in the present between Regina and Robin is great, cute, funny and touching! They’re growing on me so much and I like that they have a better build up than I was expecting in the first place. Henry walking up on them kissing in the hallway was heart breaking because he called her Madam Mayor. The more we have the team meetings when they try to figure out how to take Zelena down are made of awesome. I like that it goes back to finding the folk tale book. And Hook still standing up to Zelena is great, and she is one hell of a villain.

Regina: That arrow almost took my head.

Robin: That door almost took your arm.

That definitely reminded me of Han and Leia in Star Wars, and I was almost expecting them to banter about the trash compactor and the Millenium Falcon. I also like how Belle has been trying to reach out to Rumplestiltskin both in the missing year and in the Storybrooke present. I love when Regina says that they all need to believe again. It was very touching. I didn’t see it coming when Emma suddenly told Henry to just deal with what she was saying. And I have to say that I’m in love with so much of the Fairy Tale world fashion. there are so many gorgeous outfits, fancy swords and assorted items I am fangirling over. I’m still surprised that Snow White is a character I really enjoy. It seems that I only like the character in some of the recent incarnations. I find the flying monkeys so creepy. Great team work for taking them down! Henry remembering and calling Regina Mom gave me misty eyes. It’s one huge moment that Zelena had to mess up of course. Emma showing she learned new things thanks to Regina was a relief, against Zelena. David willing to give up his life for their children, for his wife shows how great he is again. This episode has so many emotional moments. Regina being able to bring the memories back by kissing Henry was another beautiful moment. It also makes sense that it wasn’t Emma since Emma is already the savior. The way Snow asked Regina to divide her heart to bring David back to life was extremely brilliant! Henry teasing Regina about Robin was funny! Hook getting blamed and untrusted by everything when he did what he could based on what he knew was sad. Finding out that Neal made sure that Hook would get the message and get to Emma was one crazy twist! The final scene when Henry says that Operation Cobra is back on was a great line. And I can’t wait for the next episode especially with Snow’s baby coming!

Star-Crossed 1.11 – Give Me a Torch: Sophia is still my favorite character. I adore her. She is strong, kind, smart, funny, witty. I like her friendship with Emery and Taylor. Her scene when Taylor asks her why she is so nice with her was so great and compelling. Taylor’s pregnancy doesn’t bring any shock, as we already knew that Atrians and Humans could conceive together, but seriously, can’t sexually active people take their precautions? I was a bit sorry for Julia when her date for the dance just went with his buddies but when he came to save the day when she froze on stage? That was so sweet! I like their interaction and so far there is no crazy stuff happening in their relationship, so that’s refreshing. Grayson picking up the Red Hawks again doesn’t make me comfortable at all, but at least he opposites the former man from them who’s much more extremist. The political mess is still very interesting. I never liked Castor but even less now. Vega is a dangerous but more interesting character in my view. I wonder how her issues with her daughter are going to develop, especially with Castor trying to manipulate Teri and that she helped him. I’m glad that Grayson helped Emery but please don’t bring up the love triangle again, with these two and Roman. Seriously. I can understand Emery keeping her distance with Roman for a bit, but her possible going back to Grayson annoys me. I thought it was great that Taylor told Drake about the pregnancy. And I like the talk between Roman and Drake. I like how Drake is willing to help and be there for Taylor, no matter the risks and how he had to give up on her in the first place. I’m shocked on Emery attending the new Red Hawks meeting, and Roman catching sight of it. Beautiful scene between Roman and his mother at the end of the episode.

The Tomorrow People 1.21 – Kill Switch: This show is turning into a favorite of mine (I know I have a very long list of favorites but still). I love the development and how solid the story and the characters have grown. I’m still in shock of how Hilary sacrificed herself in hope to take the Founder down. Too bad this horrible villain wasn’t killed yet. I hope he dies soon. The whole episode was pretty epic and had so many emotional moments. John having been stripped from his powers is a very powerful plot decision. I think that him walking away from Cara isn’t just because of the stripped powers. The scene between Cara and Stephen when she talks about her feelings was a great moment too and showed how much she has to deal with and put on the strong facade no mater what, because she is a leader. While I thought John and Cara had rekindled their relationship, it has been clear for a while that they weren’t on the same wavelength for certain things. I mean Cara is the one who had had a one night stand with Stephen and who still pulled the jealous card with him out of the blue when he was with Hilary. The same way, he had had several great moments with Astrid, and I loved their discussion and how Astrid straightened some things out with him. John/Astrid is my favorite couple, along with Roger/Marla. I was very glad to see Roger and Marla reconnect. The moment when she shows that she is skilled despite not having had the same kind of training was very useful. It made all the more sense for when Jedikiah gets his power at the end can use them without them being too much of a mess (which also works because of how much observation and studying he has done on the paranormal people over the past decades). The mess that happens among the Tomorrow People, including Russel’s decision to take Roger to the Founder doesn’t have any less reasons to do this than Roger’s wanting to take the Founder down his own way. It was a big step to find more about the genetic mutation as well. As for the insane ending with everything falling into pieces? I can’t wait for the finale!

Image courtesy of worradmu /

Image courtesy of worradmu /

3 thoughts on “TV Reviews: Once Upon A Time, Star-Crossed, The Tomorrow People

  1. thejedilibrarian

    I’m liking John and Astrid too! Their relationship has grown and changed naturally over the course of the season. And it’s prettty clear the John and Cara were always on the way out wtih her connection to Stephen.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Exactly! John and Astrid are very organic and I hope they continue to grow in their relationship, so we don’t have further love triangle. While I like Cara and John, Astrid and John have also been characters I liked better anyway.


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