“I Have a Feel About This!” A Videocast For Women!

I found out about Fangrrrl.com yesterday and am very much looking forward all the future content of this website. This videocast was really engaging for me as a Star Wars female fan, and seeing more of us out there and talking about things we love is always great. Well done, ladies!

TWG - The Wookiee Gunner

In an attempt to bring more female perspectives into the fan community, three fangirls joined together to record the first episode of I HAVE A FEEL ABOUT THIS!, a videocast for female Star Wars fans brought to you by MakingStarWars.net.

In the premiere episode, Amanda Ward, Johnamarie Macias and Tracy Gardner discussed various topics, including:

  • Racial diversity in Star Wars casting
  • StarWars.com‘s “This Is Madness” tournament
  • The future of female Star Wars fandom

Stay tuned for more episodes in the near future!

Amanda Ward is a mom and a full-time Star Wars fan. She is the owner of Fangrrrl.com and site administrator and contributor for MakingStarWars.net.

Johnamarie Macias is the owner of TheWookieeGunner.com. She is a contributor for MakingStarWars.net and a co-host on “Now, This Is Podcasting!” She was recently featured on the StarWars.com blog.

Tracy Gardner is an M.A. student and lifelong Star Wars fan…

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