TV Reviews: Agents of SHIELD, Believe, Continuum, Star-Crossed, The 100, The Tomorrow People

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.16 – End of the Beginning: It was a solid episode and threw the team off balance for sure. I was happy to see Skye become an official SHIELD agent. My favorite characters are still Coulson and May (and Fitz and Simmons my least favorite ones). The way the Clairvoyant was uncovered through the process of knowledge gathering was well done and I thought that it was a good twist. I really wonder what exactly May is up to and with whom. The episode definitely left us hanging with an evil cliffhanger. I can’t wait for the next episode and I hope that the team can sort things out, but they are in one hell of a mess for sure!

Believe 1.04 – Defection: I like the spirit of this show and I like how Bo has a gift and calling to help people. Maybe to some it might sound cheesy, but I think that such goodness is really a nice way of developing the show and the character, especially since Bo is still a girl her age and is far from perfect. Seeing the flashbacks of how Skouras pushed Bo when she was under his wing and how Winters was shocked and then eventually decided to defect with some of the team brought further insight on why the characters left as such, to protect Bo. I couldn’t help smiling and being brought back to my childhood when I saw Bo discovering the hidden letter and ring behind a brick in the wall, as it reminded me so much of The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, both the novel and also the 1987 film adaptation that reminds my favorite screen version of the story.

Continuum 3.03 – Minute to Win It: This show is so brilliant. My poor brain has a hard time computing everything on a regular basis, but I love how they have come so far since an already strong premise in the first season. It isn’t always easy to have a story grow as well as its characters, but the Continuum cast and crew keeps blowing my mind every single week. Going back to Kiera and Carlos against Liber8 is entertaining. I also wonder what this device Kiera could retrieve and brought to the Freelancers can be. Her relationship with both Alec, truth and lies, is still extremely interesting and sometimes heart wrenching. Alec going through the discovery of who Escher was to him was also a great opportunity for his character, as well as what he uncovered about Emily. I wonder how everything will continue to unfold.

Star-Crossed 1.07 – To Seek a Foe: This show keeps growing on me with each episode. My favorite characters are still Julia, Sophia, Lukas and Roman. I admit that Drake and even Taylor might be growing on me with the latest two episodes, which is a surprise. I also hope we get to see more of Teri soon, as she had a lot of potential. Emery still doesn’t interest me that much, though she annoys me less than in earlier episodes. Sophia is an amazing character and I was very happy when she decided to help Lukas and not let Roman save the world alone as she told him. It was important. It is ironic how the main love story doesn’t interest me that much but that I find the show compelling in the friendships and general Atrian and human story lines.

The 100 1.03 – Earth Kills: I miss seeing much above the station in the present time in this episode, as I really love the dual story line aspect of the show and think this is one of its strengths. Of course, being able to see the flash back scenes was a great way to make up for it, but still. It was interesting to gain insight in the past regarding the Jaha and Griffin families. The scene when Clarke’s father was airlocked was extremely emotional and they really got me with this one. Wells was one of my favorite characters from the start and he grew even more on me in this episode and I love his scenes with Clarke. This is why the final scene of the episode wasn’t only a shock but really a disappointment. Seeing one of my favorite characters get axed so early in a show really sucks. It was also interesting to see the interaction between Bellamy and Clarke. For the first time, in his scene with Charlotte, Bellamy wasn’t annoying to me. I still enjoy the show but the final scene left a sour taste in my mouth, I admit.

The Tomorrow People 1.18 – Smoke and Mirrors: This episode was one of the best of the season so far, in my view. It was brilliantly done for the most part and the characters had some great moment, especially the ones between Jedikiah and John. The whole chess aspect and them discussing the present and future was some of my favorite moments. The double date kind of scene with Cara, John, Hillary and Stephen made me laugh a lot. It is interesting how I found this episode so compelling on a main arc level, but was annoyed with different things with the characters. I’m happy to see John and Cara be well together again so I found it stupid to have Cara be jealous of Stephen’s private life. It was kind of ridiculous and counter intuitive in my view. As for Stephen and Hillary? Really? I just don’t care for it. I think that Hillary has been benefiting from more character development than I had first expected, but I still just don’t see her and Stephen together.


4 thoughts on “TV Reviews: Agents of SHIELD, Believe, Continuum, Star-Crossed, The 100, The Tomorrow People

    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Two things: insomnia and multitasking. Since a (non eye/head related) surgery end of 2011, I have a difficult time sitting through more than one TV episode while doing nothing else. So I’m used to catch up with TV and movies while I’m working on my writing, or doing other things. That’s why I have my desktop monitor set right behind/above my laptop (on which I do most of my computer stuff)! 🙂


  1. thejedilibrarian

    I agree with you on The 100. It Bellamy was for once not annoying, he did a good thing talking to Charlotte and showed genuine remorse at Atom’s death. However, Charlotte took his “slay your demons, kid” too literally. He didn’t mean for her to commit murder. Although it brings up a question, she never said what they did to get floated, at least I don’t remember her saying, so what if she actually, you know, did something to them? Abagail did mention some of the kids had committed violent crimes, and Bellamy did warn Octavia that some of them were murderers after all. While Wells wasn’t my favorite, I don’t think I have one of those yet, I will miss him. I don’t like it when characters are killed off before you get to know them and make a decision about them.

    Same with Tomorrow People. The double date was kinda funny, but I just don’t see the Hilary/Stephen thing. Unless she’s playing him. Which she could be. Cara being jealous is odd, she is with John and is older than Stephen anyway, so it’s just weird. As for the whole mystery, I can’t decide who is the bad guy, Jed or The Founder? Or if they are both lying bad guys, just one is worse than the other. My money is on The Founder, he creeps me out and clearly has an agenda. Jed is lying, he needs to tell the truth about what he knows about The Founder if he wants Stephen and the others to believe him and help him.


    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      Charlotte really scared the hell out of me in the last scene and I was really unhappy with the show for that. Amongst the adults, my favorite is Abigail, and on the ground it was Wells. Clarke is growing on me though, so as is councilman Jaha. Funny reversal and families that interest me. I hope that Bellamy can continue to evolve, because him not being annoying surprised me in a good way. And this is true what you bring up about what Charlotte might have been imprisoned for. I am still going to watch the show, but this death really annoyed me. It felt so gratuitous especially as he was finally patching things up with Clarke and revealing more of his character.

      In The Tomorrow People I could see Hilary manipulate Stephen, no problem on that. And Cara being jealous annoyed me. It just seems so counter intuitive, and honestly made me feel sorry for John. I think that Jed is one of the most interesting character in the show. I can never make up my mind about which side he is on. One of the other examples of such type of characters would be Severus Snape in Harry Potter. I also bet on the Founder being the bad/worse guy. He just is so creepy.



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