Writing Update, Book Review: The Power of Now, Links: Writing, Feminism, Disability and Media

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Things have been going well on the writing front. The director of the collection in which my upcoming book, Women in Science Fiction Television, will be published got back to me, saying that all files I sent worked. It is always a relief because emails, zips and assorted computer things can always be fickle! I am now waiting to hear back from him about any edit that needs to be done. I am so happy that this project is progressing so well.

I also got a returned chapter from another editor for another upcoming publication I have, in an edited volume. I worked through the changes today and could send it back in a timely fashion. I hope that it will have clarified everything.

This upcoming week, I’ll tackle my next paper (Lost Girl/Once Upon A Time), after having brainstormed it further these last few days. I have also researched University Presses in a more thorough way, since I hope to get my next book proposal (Scully centric) on the way and completed before the end of the month, or by mid-May at latest.

I also finished one of the two books I started back in February: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I took my time reading it, and I will probably go back to it later on. I can understand why so many people found this book inspiring. The text flew easily. I also like how he was so universal in his spiritual approach, and that he drew examples from different religions and philosophies. Considering myself a Christian with also interest in Buddhism, the fact that Tolle brought up so many diverse examples to show how everything came from the same place or higher power was very compelling. Being an overthinker myself, reading more about how to stop letting the mind run rampant was one of the reasons I enjoyed the book. I am glad I have been dabbing into such readings in the past months as new perspectives are important.

Links: Writing, Feminism, Disability and Media

9 thoughts on “Writing Update, Book Review: The Power of Now, Links: Writing, Feminism, Disability and Media

  1. Gretchen Kelly

    I’m glad to hear things going well on the writing/publishing front. I’ve always been intrigued by Tolle’s book. I think I have it lying around here somewhere and never started it. Maybe I will now… But first I have to read the blogs you linked (and I am honored that you included mine).


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