TV Reviews Part 2: Believe, Continuum, Crisis, Intelligence, Once Upon A Time

And here comes the second part of TV reviews. It’s hard to believe I am watching so many shows lately. And I still have others to catch up with, from still airing showss to cancelled/finished ones. It’s a good thing though, because having so many things to follow isn’t always the case.

Believe 1.03 – Origin: I was glad to find out more about Bo’s mother and her ties to Milton and his promise to watch over Bo, always. I like how Bo is set on doing good thanks to her gift and help people, because she isn’t just a boring I’m better than you type of child. She has a fiery temper and stands her ground, but she isn’t perfect. I like how Tate and her are befriending each other little by little and how they can learn from each other. I wonder what their reactions will be when they find out they are actual father and daughter, though I can’t help thinking whether Bo might actually know it in a way. I enjoy discovering things little by little and watching the interactions between the characters a lot in this series.

Continuum 3.02 – Minute Man: My brain is still fried  from this show, but I love how intelligent the show is. It is one of the best Science Fiction television series I have ever seen. Time travel is one tricky topic, but the writers are doing an outstanding job with it. Seeing Liber8 back together makes me think that they will likely cause more trouble as the season goes on, though I also wonder whether there might eventually be an evolution of ties as well, given what happened between Kiera and Garza in the opening episode of this third season. Watching Kiera and Alec deal with the “new” timeline they are in, and also how Kiera has to handle both Alec, is extremely engaging. I was glad that she explained the situation – though likely forced because of her dead other self – to Carlos.

Crisis 1.02 – If You Are Watching This, I Am Dead: I still don’t care for the teenage characters. I know I should, but even as I am sorry for them being kidnapped and held prisoners, I don’t like them nor care for their fates, save for how it would be a tragedy for their parents to lose them in a permanent way. The only one who is different is Anton, that Finley saved. I was glad to see them have a couple of scenes together in this episode. While the script is really solid and the suspense extremely well done, there are very few characters I really am interested in. It’s Secret Services Special Agent Finley and Meg Fitch. These two are the ones that I really care for. Meg’s sister, FBI Special Agent Susie Dunn, has her moments and I don’t dislike her, but I can’t really say I like her either. I am curious to see how Meg’s husband, Noah Fitch will develop, now that he came home and overheard his wife’s discussion with the kidnappers on the phone. The mystery is great in this show and I think that the idea of posing the question of how far parents would go to save their children is a really clever angle.

Intelligence 1.12 – The Event Horizon: This show needs to be renewed. I really hope that it gets at least another season because it is one of my favorite in the ones which started this season. I love the story, I love the characters and the dynamics between them. There is a real team spirit now, as shown so well in this episode when everyone is ready to do anything to prove Gabriel’s innocence and get their job back when they lost them, either by being suspended or being considered fugitives. The scene between Riley and Weatherly, the Director of National Intelligence, was one of her best scenes in the whole season. It was a very powerful one. I loved it. Her dynamic with Gabriel is still developing further. In the scene when Gabriel pulls the seductive card in the virtual render with Mei Chen so the team can locate her, I was hoping and thinking it had to just be him playing her because of how the render and scene looked like a bad Twilight sequence. As for the ending and the dropped bombshell, I can’t wait for the second part of the season finale. I have the feeling this is going to be one crazy ride!

Once Upon A Time 3.14 – The Tower: I still love that show to pieces, and yes, I am aware that I tend to say that after every episode. I like how they continue to have flash backs to the missing year in between scenes in the present. The Wicked Witch is certainly one mean and sneaky enemy. I was glad that David/Charming could face his fears, which I thought made a lot of senses regarding what happened with Emma in the past. I loved Rapuntzel in the episode, and hope we will get to see her again. One character I really miss is Mulan. I hope she returns at least on a semi regular basis. I like seeing Regina team up with Emma, Hook, David to find a way to defeat the Wicked Witch. And I wonder what impact Rumpelstiltskin will have now that he is back from the dead.

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