Vidding Musing and Academia, Writing, Feminism, Media Links

I was trying to sleep when I had the intuition to recheck my PowerPoint for the guest lecture I give tomorrow evening at the University of Texas at Dallas (Skype is such a fantastic software!) I was right because nitpicking little me found a few typos. It was nothing major at all but it made me feel better at once to edit them. I also worked on jolting down more notes for myself as I reviewed everything.

It will be the third one I speak about vidding in an academic setting. I like how everything is connected and yet each and every time was a different approach or topic. I liked the challenge this time that I had the frame of the class to work with. It has been a while since I gave a presentation, so it will be great to have the opportunity to do this again!

As I went through everything again tonight, I couldn’t help thinking that this talk could be turned into a paper. I don’t lack ideas, but this would make sense, with a suitable call for papers. I have other things to work on right now, starting by the formatting of my upcoming book, but it never hurts to add ideas to the master list.

Speaking of vidding, the muses seem to be waking up. I hadn’t seen them in a bit. I made it clear that whatever they want from me, it will have to wait until Friday. I know how futile it can be to try to win a contest with muses, but sometimes I still try!

Links: Academia, Writing, Feminism, Media


4 thoughts on “Vidding Musing and Academia, Writing, Feminism, Media Links

    1. Natacha Guyot Post author

      *appreciates the good vibes* Yes, I know. That’s useless, and they’re laughing, but while I make them laugh, they don’t attack me! 😉

      In the meantime, I’m working on the formatting of my book, and getting the hang of it!



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