Feeding the Muses: My Morning Brain Dump


There’s just so much in Rose’s post. I have to reblog it, and not just because it brings back so many memories of our friendship, including our collaboration on One Path.

I am blessed that we met and could bring One Path to life. That reminds me that I really want to vid this universe again, and that one day I also want to actually write a paper about it, because there is so much to say in regard to actual Star Wars canon and fandom and collaboration. And One Path still brings so many emotions back to my mind, I’m having misty eyes as I recall how deep into everything I was when vidding “One Path: Where Hope Remains”. Most of the One Path videos were personal and very engaging to me, but this special one, along with a couple others are those that have touched me more.

And that reminds me how I have been thinking about making a paper about my personal experience in vidding because of something the documentary producer asked me during the interview she taped for the project, about whether vidding was some kind of personal diary. I didn’t think so back then, but there are some videos that are extremely personal, and the more I think about it, the more I think there is some truth in it. Let’s reopen the paper idea master list again. I know that it is a “blessing” to have so much inspiration, but as Rose said in her post, there isn’t enough time even when one focuses on this or that and works regularly.

I loved how Rose said that every time she has an idea, trillions others pop in her head and that it can be insane to keep up with this. I have the same issue and sometimes it is borderline debilatating when you try to tell your brain to slow down and the evil thing just cackles at you and tells you that you just need to be quicker. Yeah, right…. And because I am crazy like that, I realized I couldn’t just reblog it with a few lines. Rose, I am blaming you for giving me a brain dump in reaction to your post, to the point that I am back on Shipper Asylum to hunt down some old One Path arts to edit the post with a couple illustrations.

Anyway, the day I walked out of my Ph.D. no matter how heavy my heart was and how I wish things had been different, I know that this was meant to be. Many things have happened since then, and it has benefitted my writing. I have been able to be published much more than I would have ever dreamed off in only two years. Five countries have published me, but not my own. One of the many reasons why I wish to move abroad. I feel that nonfiction, academic writing to be precise, has become my first writing calling, more than fiction. I hope to return to original fiction one day, but not now. I am sitting on four or five universes, and most of them could be related to one another and make a larger one.

Right now, I am happy to focus on my papers, eBooks and books. I am excited about many upcoming projects and I feel good about only writing about things I love and am passionate about, even when I come up with blatantly weird comparisons or angles. It feels right to me, and so far it looks like I am doing something right. Would I be happy to make more money with my writing? Yes, but it isn’t what drives me. It isn’t always easy, but it is important that I stay true to myself and to what I believe in.
And on this note, I think that my brain is done writing what I thought would be a few lines of comment as I reblogged Rose’s post.

7 thoughts on “Feeding the Muses: My Morning Brain Dump

        1. Natacha Guyot Post author

          I went on a hunting spree, because I found that I lost most of the arts I had stored on the computer years ago. *frying pans mean computers*

          EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for old time’s sake!

          Oh and in case I forgot to mention it, you’re one of my inspirations to focus on writing what I want, no matter what happens or doesn’t in terms of success. *hugs*



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