Writing Progress And TV Reviews

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Writing has been going well for the past while. Today, I got the final chapter of my book Women in Science Fiction Television back from my proofreader, so I could go through the suggested edits. I also completed the Afterword, which was sent to said proofreader. I am very happy with the afterword so far, as I think it concludes the volume well and open doors to so much more. Tomorrow I’m going to start the introduction. It is hard to believe I only have 4,500 words left to write out of 80,000! Formatting and illustration preparation will be a piece of cake in comparison. Okay, formatting will probably drive me crazy, but it always does. At least on this project, I have precise guidelines which is a blessing for such tasks!

After the introduction, I already know what I will tackle. I am looking forward to writing an upcoming article and hope it will be picked up for publication once it is ready to submit. First, I also need to rework an abstract I recently submitted and plan to do this tomorrow. I already have ideas thanks to the editor’s helpful email, so it should go well. And once all of this is done, I have a book proposal to work on, which I am very very enthusiast about.

Intelligence 1.10 – Cain and Gabriel: This show keeps getting stronger as the first season unfolds. I love the whole team and it is great to get more insight into their lives. I loved how we discovered more about Lillian in this one, and the dynamic between Riley and her was compelling. The scenes with Lillian and her daughter were touching and the last one gave me teary eyes. The case was solid and again something else. I really liked Josh Holloway in LOST, but seeing more of his acting skills in this show is a joy. And his chemistry with Meghan Ory continues to develop remarkably. I can’t wait for Intelligence to be renewed, because it has to! I can’t believe there are only three episodes left!

Beauty and the Beast 2.16 – About Last Night: The love triangle mess is over. I can rejoice. Once again, I genuinely thought that if Vincent hadn’t been in the picture, Catherine and Gabe could have been great together. I find it interesting that with a close look, both men are far from perfect and in my view neither is better for Catherine. She made her choice. They both have negative sides but she made her choice and I’m glad that they didn’t drag this any further. And I loved the scenes between Tess and Jessie. My shipper heart was a happy camper in this episode. I liked the development/semi conclusion to the Sam arc too. And these evil last thirty seconds? Seriously? This was a mean cliffhanger. I can’t believe I have to wait until May now. I was starting to be relieved that they gave some calm before the storm, but of course the storm had to happen at the last moment!

Once Upon A Time 3.12 – New York City Serenade – The wait is over! The show is back on air! Yes, yes, I am very happy about it. The wait since December was long, and I am so glad to get the second half of the third season. It didn’t disappoint at all, except that Emma’s taste was profoundly questionable if not mind boggling. Seriously, I even wondered if Regina had messed up with her brain and senses for her to get in a relationship with that evil monkey in disguise. There were so many great moments in this episode. It definitely was a good start for the second half of this season. I hope to see Regina show who’s boss to the new villain in town!

Star-Crossed 1.04 – And Left No Friendly Drop – Until this episode, I was only watching the show in a casual way. The high school aspect didn’t draw me in, but I loved how intricate all the politics were, and quite impressed with this part of the story. This episode won me over for good. It shows better writing and now the characters start to get fleshed out more, at least these who interest me, and the relationships also benefit from this. I managed to be surprised a couple of times with the series so far, and I now am hooked on it, instead of just liking some characters and the interactions between factions at play. The show still has the bonus, just like Beauty and the Beast, of having a good soundtrack.

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