Website Updates: New Look, Milestone And Award

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My latest post for the 7th installment in my romantic movie series was the 100th post since I reopened my website and officially started blogging, since the move to WordPress in June 2013. I really wasn’t certain I would be able to add new content on such a regular basis, but it seems that I am finding my pace and inspiration. I am very happy I joined WordPress and I enjoy the great interactions I have been experiencing since becoming part of this community.


Today, I received my second award nomination for this website as well. Thank you Jennie for nominating me for my second Liebster Award! I am honored by your kind words about my blog and I am looking forward to post all my answers and nominations. I already added the banner on the side bar of the website, but it will take a few days before I come up with the complete post for this award.

For the past weeks, I had been thinking about changing the layout of the website. I wasn’t satisfied with how the main page didn’t show the side bar. It was counter intuitive with all I have featured on it and how easier it can make the navigation. I finally made up my mind today for a new look. I’m happy with the result and feel more comfortable with how the layout compliments the content of the blog.

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