Romantic Movie Series #7 – Speechless

While Geena Davis is one of my favorite actresses, I only got around to watching Speechless last summer. Directed by Ron Underwood and released in 1994, Speechless follow political speech writers Julia Mann (Geena Davis) and Kevin Vallick (Michael Keaton). The set up is pretty classic: they catch each other’s eye as they meet by accident one evening shortly after arriving where an upcoming election is going to happen. After a first evening spent talking, flirting and ending in an accidentally interrupted make out session in a car, they discover that they have the same job but for opposite sides.

Speechless isn’t any ground breaking romantic comedy, but it is one of my favorite regardless. I like how the characters get on each other’s nerves, but nevertheless respect each other in the end, beyond the pranks that can be pulled. While there are exes looming in the background, the movie feels more about what the protagonists want to do with their life than any sort of crappy love triangle/square.

Keaton and Davis have great chemistry and their banter is always priceless. There is also great sexual tension in the movie, and as in most movies I listed in this series, they don’t need graphic scenes to make it obvious. I have a particular soft spot for the ending when it is stated that Julia becomes an actual political candidate at an election and Kevin works with her, but still behind the curtain.

password: speechless

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