Writing, Links and Star Wars Fangirling

I’ve started writing the final chapter of my book Women in Science Fiction Television yesterday and I have already completed 1,900 words (out of 15,000). It is going well so far and I am even thinking about starting another subsection once I’m done posting this. I am specifically excited about this chapter because I’m starting to explore the topic of warrior mothers which I hope to eventually write a doctoral thesis about.

Now onto some links of interest that recently caught my attention:

Making Romance Epic – 5 Tips for Writers by Brian DeLeonard offers very valid points about writing romance, and not just in the Fantasy genre. When you read them, it is easy to think that this sounds like basics. Problem is, these are far from being considered as such by many writers, no matter whether in books or screen productions.

Flaunting My Diversity by Tricia Barr is another good read. I haven’t got around to reading Tricia’s novel Wynde, but I am very much looking forward to doing it later this year! I like Tricia’s posts and this one is no exception. The way she approaches diversity not only in her own storytelling but how she includes some of views on the topic in general is very compelling.

The Princess, the Fat Lady and the Follow Up Post #1 by Rose B. Fischer addresses some further points she discussed in her post about Disney Princesses. She brings up some elements from received feedback and new points to consider. for anyone who was interested in the first post, this one also has good food for thoughts.

The same way Rose’s Tumblr post about possible list of topics for a series about disability in television and movies threw my brain on overload. Not only am I hoping Rose gets to work on this series but it also gave me ideas for possible axis in my own research. And yes that post and discussion also made me get up again last night because I had a couple more ideas to suggest to Rose. That’s the usual never ending cycle.

I am so giddy about the news of the new season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars! I am impressed that it is going to be 13 episodes. It feels like a regular season, albeit shorter than the others, instead of just “bonus content”. I can’t wait to get the opportunity to watch them!

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