Romantic Movie Series #2 – The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard, along with another title I picked for this series, is one of the most classically iconic romantic movies. Yet, this is still a favorite for many reasons after all those years. Directed by Mick Jackson and released in 1992, the movie features Kevin Costner as Frank Farmer, a former agent from the Secret Services, who now works as a bodyguard and is hired to protect the pop singer Rachel Marron, portrayed by Whitney Houston.

While it has all the good usual ingredients of a romantic movie, including stellar chemistry between Costner and Houston, I enjoy the thriller aspect of it, which is well intertwined with the romance. The fact that both characters still have ties to their families – Rachel with her sister and her son; and Frank with his father – is another aspect that gives more layers to the characters and how they discover and learn to understand each other.

Costner and Houston still form an iconic on screen couple in my view; and Houston was at her best, both as a singer and an actress. Her songs for the soundtrack are still amongst my favorite by her. Run To You and I Will Always Love You especially give me goosebumps.

Their characters have adorable, touching, sensual, conflictual moments together. I still have a soft spot for when she asks him out giving him all this reasoning about how it would be embarrassing if she asked someone else out with him tagging along. The whole evening is great and the infamous scene before they spend the night together, as she toys with the Katana in his living accommodation is one example that there is no need for graphic sexual content to depict tension and sensuality.

I also like the small gestures here and there during the rest of the movie, including when she follows him upstairs at his father’s home, when she playfully pulls at the hem of his pullover. And of course, there is also the airport scene at the end. I would be lying if I pretended not making a run for the tissue box every single time I watch it. No matter how classic it is, it still works!


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