Mix’n’Match Post


  • I have reworked the presentation for my upcoming guest lecture about vidding, since I switched one of my video example for one I hadn’t thought about at first. I just need the final discussion with my friend teaching the class
  • I have edited most of my chapter titles for Women in Science Fiction Television. They all flow much better now! I am looking forward starting writing the final chapter next week. This is going to be one of the longest ones, but the topic is one very dear to me: Warrior Mothers. This concept might even end as the focus of my doctoral research the day I go back to university.
  • Despite the busy week, I managed to start my blog series about Romantic Movies! The first two posts are up: The Cutting Edge and The Bodyguard. Instead of being crammed into the single week leading to Valentine’s Day, the series will run until almost the end of the month.
  • I have ideas for related “romantic” blog series for both February 2015 and 2016. The brain never stops!


  • I still have one video to complete for the current blog series, and I hope to tackle most of it this weekend, as I only completed 25% of it so far, but I have now reached 65% now that I have worked on it for a few hours.
  • In the upcoming weeks, I am planning to start working on the videos I have left to do for another upcoming blog series that I have been thinking about for a long time. (Rose, I got a new awesome idea for the Leia video for this series!)

TV and Movies

  • I have episodes from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Tomorrow People, Intelligence and Beauty and the Beast to catch up with. When I do, I’ll post reviews as I recently did.
  • I am going to check Person of Interest. This show hadn’t really been on my radar, but after a discussion with one of the relatives who’s been visiting this week, I got curious. I’ll see if it suits me.
  • I am crossing fingers to watch a few recent movies soon, all Science Fiction and/or Superheroes.


  • Star Wars: Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn is on hold because I received Empire and Rebellion: Razor’s Edge by Martha Wells and I am in complete love with this book. Once I’m done with it, I’ll post a more detailed review here and will either go back to Scoundrels or pick Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void by Tim Lebbon. Can you tell I am on a Star Wars rampage?


  • I discovered Lindsey Stirling some time last year, and have been hooked on her music since then. I got her album as a belated Christmas present from family. It is a pleasure to be able to listen to all these tracks all at once!
  • I’ve had Kenny Rogers’s Love Lifted Me in my head for the past few days, and was reminded of how I first discovered him (also through this song) when I was a child because of his participation to an episode of the Muppet Show.


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